3 € per day - All about facts and figures of July 2020

It`s been 7 weeks since we have started travelling from Germany. While we travel, we document various details and share some facts and figures about July 2020.


Let`s talk about money – Travel cost facts


We have travelled 31 days in July und have spent 210,13 € in total. That’s a daily average of 6,78 € for two people or 3,39 € per person.  



Compared to last month (21 days in June) we have spent roughly 200 € less. The daily average was 19,70 € for two people or 9,85 € per person. 

What did we spent our money on?


The top cost driver in July was category Food & Drinks having an impact of 93 % of the total cost. With a July-total of 196,28 €, we have spent an average of 3,17 € per person per day on food. We were able to lower this cost compared to last month. The daily average in June was 7,42 € per person.


The main reason for this is that we stayed many times at workaway places where food is provided.

Talking about the other cost categories: We didn’t spent any money on accommodation because we enjoyed couchsurfing or workaway in July.



Combining both Travel months June and July, we have spent 80 % on food, 12% on accommodation, 3 % on attractions, 3% transport and 2% on others.

Should I stay or should I go - Transportation Facts


In the month of July we have hiked 34 km carrying our backpacks (18kg) and 189 km without any gear. Compared to last month, we have hiked 70km less carrying our backpacks (18kg) and 4km less without any gear. The major reason for this change is that we have stayed at two workaway projects and didnt hike a lot there.



Besides hiking and hitchhiking, we have used other ways of transportation. To get around Izmir, we have used the metro and train for 12km. We have met sailsman Soner in Ayvalik and sailed with him 345 km from Ayvalik to Kusadasi.  



In July we have started travelling from Ayvalik, Turkey and made it to Fethiye, Turkey. If you ask Google Maps about the fastest route, it would take 5h 30 min and 481 km. But for us it took 31 days. We assume to stay in Turkey for another month before heading either to Georgia or Iran, depending on the current situation. 


In July we travelled from Ayvalik to Fethiye, Turkey
In July we travelled from Ayvalik to Fethiye, Turkey

Thumbs up for a ride – Hitchhiking facts


This month we hitchhiked 8 times on 4 days making a distance of 564km.


Combining both months June and July, we hitchhiked 28 times on 12 days making a distance of 2968km in total. 

All about the sleep – Accommodation facts


In the past while travelling, we have experienced that accommodation usually takes most of the travel cost. For that reason, we have decided to try on reducing this cost category if possible. In July we were able to cut this cost category to 0 €.              

Breaking down 31 nights, we have stayed 10 nights with a couchsurfing host and 21 nights at a workaway place.



Compared to last month, we reduced the number of hostel stays and didn’t camp at all.    

Cheesy life – Hygiene facts


In July, we had the chance to shower 22 times. This number leads to an average of 0,71 showers per day. That’s basically 3 showers on 4 days. The longest period without a shower was 3 days.  


We washed our clothes 4 times leading to a daily average of 0,13.



Combining both months June and July (52 days) we had the chance to shower 34 times and used the washing machine 6 times. That’s a daily average of 0,64 showers per day and 0,11 washings.

Please let us know if you like those numbers or if you are interested in any other facts. The more months will pass and more data will be collected, the more significant and meaningful the numbers will be. 

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