Indirect Cost and One Flight – Facts & Figures of September 2020

It`s been 113 days days since we left Germany. While we travel, we document various information about our trip. Based on the data we collect, we will share facts and figures at the end of each month. Lets have a look at the data of September 2020.

Cash is King – Travel cost facts

We have travelled 30 days in September and have spent 745,94 € in total. That’s a daily average of 24,86 € for two people or 12,43 € per person. 


Compared to the last month we have spent about 50% more because we had to purchase a flight from Turkey to Kyrgystan. The initial plan was to hitchhike from Turkey to a bordering country like Georgia or Iran but all borders were closed due to the pandemic. The flight costed 448€ and resulted in a higher impact on cost category transportation.


Combining June, July, August and September, we have spent a total amount of 2 085,04 € for 113 days of travelling. That’s a daily average of 19,03 € for two people or 9,52 € per person.

What did we spent our money on? 

There is something new this month. From now on we will included indirect cost like insurances and website fees as well. For the facts and figures of october, we will explain the indirect costs in more detail.


With an September-total of 454,95 €, we have spent an average of 15,17 € for two people per day on transportation. It has the highest cost impact this month, because of the flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Bishkek. 


Combining June, July, August and September, we have spent 44 % on food, 23 % on transport, 16 % on insurances, 6 % on accommodation, 4 % on attractions, 3 % on website & internet and 4 % on others.

Should I stay or should I go - Transportation and Hitchhiking Facts

In the month of September we have hiked 82 km carrying our backpacks (18kg) and 173 km without any gear. This makes a daily average of 2,7 km with backpacks and 5,7 km without.


At the beginning of September we started travelling from Sanliurfa, Turkey and ended up in Bokonbaevo, Kyrgystan at the end of the moth. If you would ask Google maps about the fastest route that we took from Sanliurfa to Bokonbaevo, it would take 56h to make a distance of 4572km.


For us it took 2 flight from Trabzon to Istanbul (918km) and Istanbul to Bishkek (3735km) and 31 hitchhikes. 

While hitchhiking on 9 days we made a distance of 1644km. That’s an average of 53 km per hitchhike.


Combining the months June, July, August and September, we hitchhiked 84 times on 30 days making a total distance of 5955km. 

All about the sleep – Accommodation facts

In the past while travelling, we have experienced that accommodation usually takes most of the travel cost. For that reason, we have decided to try on reducing this cost category if possible.


In September we stayed only one night at a hotel near Trabzon. Luckily it didn`t cost anything since we could redeem some hotel rewards.


Breaking down 30 nights, we have stayed 12 nights with a couchsurfing host, 14 nights at a workaway place, camped 3 nights and slept one night at a hotel.


Combining June, July, August and September, we have stayed most of the time at either workaway places (43%) or couchsurfing (40%)

Cheesy life – Hygiene facts


In September, we had the chance to shower 15 times. This number leads to an average of 0,5 showers per day.


We washed our clothes 4 times meaning that after one week we usually need to do some washing.


Combining June, July, August and Septeber (113 days) we had the chance to shower 68 times and used the washing machine 13 times. That’s a daily average of 0,6 showers per day and 0,11 washings.

Please let us know if you like those numbers or if you are interested in any other facts. In the upcoming Blog we will include the indirect like health insurance as well.


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